Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Garden

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we moved into our new house. Well the house was new to us. So many changes have occurred, my favorite is the garden. We made a few raised beds in late April. Starting with two 4 x 4 beds and then added two more in the middle of May.

I started with a few plants that were already up and growing from the home improvement store. I am not sure this was my best choice. I have always grown my plants from seeds, except tomatoes and peppers.  I planted cucumber, summer squash, basil, parsley and tomato plants. I managed to keep alive one cucumber, the basil, summer squash and the tomato plants. The rest well lets just say I planted seeds.

Here are a few of our first harvest.

It is a great start to what I am hoping is a wonderful gardening season. Now that school is out I can devote my energy into more regular post and updates. I have a few new ideas for the Tabby Cat on etsy as well.

Here is a center piece design I am working on. I have a few details to work out before I list it

Until next time I wish you a very blessed day!

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