Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great 2011

As the end of the year approaches it is a great time to look back over the events last year.  I have had an amazing year. Many things have taken place during his past year.  For one we relocated from the country to a city about 84 miles away.

I discovered many thing during the packing and moving. It  gives you time to look at the possession one keeps. I found that I had a large amount of items I really didn't use or even want any more.This was the perfect time to clear our lives from this clutter. That is an amazing feeling.

I have the new project of redecorating the new house. It has been a fun project creating a new look on a budget. Working with a very limited amount of money challenges my creativity and I love the challenge. The house we purchased has a really good base to work with, it just needs a little updating.. It is awesome what a can of paint can do. With just a few minor changes I have updated a large portion of the main floor. I still  have the kitchen and the upstairs bath to tackle this coming year.

I have been experimenting with new items for The Tabby Cat shop.  I am my worst critic but many of these new items will be making an appearance in the coming months.

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were amazing. Our children were all able to be home for both holidays. I cherish these times. I know there may be a time when they are too far away to be able to travel for the holidays or we need to share them with their spouses family. For now I will cherish each and everyday I have them all together. They are so much fun.

I have reflected on the past year and I see just how blessed we have been. I cherish my family, friend, each and everyday. During the coming days I will plan for the things I would like to accomplish in the year to come.

I want to thank each of you for following along with me this past year. I wish for you a very blessed year to come.

The Tabby Cat

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